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Our gold member,username joeNYC10022, an attractive and  successful businessman,millionaire,51 years old .Annual income - $10 million to $50 million. 5'10" (178 cm)height, living in Austin,Texas,U.S. Looking for Single; Never Married; Divorced; Widowed; Separated.

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About him

I sold my business on Wall Street (great story, hope to tell you one day). I've been in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and similar mags. So, now I spend my time enjoying life...

joeNYC10022 at home

I was married for a long time, divorced in early 2013... Her choice, not mine, but no drama (suuuure, that's what they all say, right?)...

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I have numerous homes (I think I have real estate ADHD lol)... My main home is in Texas... 10,000 sq. ft. with a Le Cordon Bleu Chef... I divide my time between Texas, Atlanta, Florida & Manhattan...

joeNYC10022 at home

I fly jets for fun (see pics). I enjoy boating & the beaches... I am always willing to explore new places & try new things, & am blessed with the financial means to make it happen, which is an amazing freedom to have... I also enjoy home and a good book.

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I have the Worlds Most Awesome Dog, so if you have a dog I hope yours won't feel neglected after you fall madly in love with mine... jus sayin...

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Even though I have enjoyed significant financial success, I'm laid back, drama-free, respectful of others, put family & friends first & have a great sense of humor. I also like to think that I have a nice zest for life without being too over the top.

joeNYC10022 and his private jet

...just to get a few of the negatives out there.... I sometimes run with scissors... & I not only hate clowns, & look bad in top hats, but I also simply cannot pull off wearing corduroy pants... I also don't really enjoy raisins... I hope these are not deal-breakers...

I also strongly suspect the Easter Bunny hides his eggs because he does not want anyone to know he has been having sex with chickens... just my own personal theory, but I think I'm on to something.

About His match / friend

My buddy says I am a 5 looking for a 10 (Ouch. That stings!). Your age does not matter: you can be young with a mature, old soul or older but still young at heart... So, if you are beautiful both inside and out, and interested in meeting a nice guy with a great sense of humor & who is fun to be around, then I would enjoy hearing from you, because I'd really like to date outside the family for a change (ooops, too early for those kind of jokes???)

BTW, I do not respond to profiles with no pics, and no married women please. I never cheated on my wife, and won't participate in someone else's cheating... (no moral judgment here - just my own personal boundaries)...

BTW 2: My pics are current, so please make sure yours are too.

For those of you looking for a "tall handsome guy", I can't do anything about the "handsome" for "tall", I'm around 5-10", but I'm 6'10" tall when I stand on my wallet, lol. (ok, that was the last lame pun ... for now)

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